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Lawyer Matthew Weisberg assists clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A graduate of The Dickinson School of Law of The Pennsylvania State University, Matthew Weisberg offers counsel in civil rights, legal malpractice, and product liability, among other practice areas. As a civil rights lawyer, Matthew Weisberg intricately understands both the state and federal laws enacted to protect the rights of citizens. Matthew Weisberg and his fellow lawyers at Weisberg Law, P.C., accept the cases of those who suffered a deprivation of liberty through actions including false arrest, excessive police force, wrongful imprisonment, and malicious and wrongful prosecution. People who did not receive due process or who lacked equal protection under the law seek out Matthew Weisberg's legal guidance for possible remedies. As an advocate for the First Amendment, lawyer Matthew Weisberg supports those denied free speech or arrested during a protest. Another area of Matthew Weisberg’s practice involves legal malpractice representation. This offense occurs when a lawyer commits a serious, preventable mistake, harming the outcome of a client's case; Matthew Weisberg provides representation in suing one's previous lawyer. Recognizing the elements of legal malpractice, such as a lawyer involving oneself in a client's business, failing to deliver or obtain essential reports on time, and missing deadlines and statutes of limitations, Matthew Weisberg seeks to hold lawyers accountable for their actions. In product liability suits, Matthew Weisberg assists consumers injured by faulty products at home and on the job. As a trial lawyer, Matthew Weisberg takes product liability claims to court, even against big corporations. Additionally, Matthew Weisberg protects buyers by handling cases involving misleading warranties, predatory lenders, and the Lemon Law. To further aid the public, Matthew Weisberg performs pro bono work and lectures about foreclosure mitigation and creditor practices to the public. This lawyer also discusses legal matters with media outlets such FOX News Network, LLC; Cable News Network (CNN); USA Today, a division of Gannett Co. Inc.; and The New York Times. To learn more about Matthew Weisberg, visit

A Beginner’s Guide to Cigars, Part 1

By: Matthew Weisberg Cigars, like any indulgence, vary in quality and taste. To get the most out of your cigar experience, follow these tips. 1. Choosing an Appropriate Cigar If you are new to cigars, milder flavors will prove more … Continue reading

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Weisberg Law, P.C.: Assisting Client Settlements in Cases of Workplace Injuries

At Pennsylvania-based Weisberg Law, P.C., we assist clients pursuing litigation in cases of workplace and employment discrimination, injuries, and professional liability. One common case type we pursue is workplace injuries involving defective equipment or safety and health standards violations. This … Continue reading

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